New Moon Sound Bath July 28 7pm

Sacred Sound Bath with Jamie Bailey of Sovereign Soul

About this experience

We'll be in the midst of Gemini season during this sound bath. The last weeks of spring will embrace the friendly, multi-tasking energy of Gemini. Come take a break from your spring cleaning projects and cleanse yourself during this hour long sound bath. 

A healing and mesmerizing sound meditation journey through the five sacred elements of nature- fire, earth, water, air, and ether. Laying comfortably with a weighted eye pillow resting over your eyes, there will be nothing for you to do but fully let go, unwind, and receive. This sound bath is deeply relaxing and highly sensory as healing vibrations and frequencies weave their magic over you and through you. Sinking into the sounds of many instruments- Quartz crystal singing bowls, drums, chimes, a gong, and more- you will receive the harmonic frequencies your body needs for energetic balance and alignment. This results in healing on all levels- mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This experience will activate deep states of inner peace, presence, lightness, serenity, and bliss. Eye pillows will be provided. Bring a yoga mat, a pillow, a blanket, and whatever else you need to feel extra cozy!

*includes a Lunar Rei Candle to take home!

Your Host

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Jamie Bailey is the owner of Sovereign Soul. Besides hosting sacred south baths, she is a reiki practitioner and tarot reader. Find her on instagram: @SovereignSoul and at Village Yoga & Wellness in the village of Hamburg.